2x 2m single rail 

2x 2m double rail 

3x Pantographs 

and accesories 


The Dental Photography area in a practice is always  competing for space with cameras, tripods, lighting stands and cables. Our Overhead System can transform even the smallest of studios into an effective and creative shooting environment. By removing the need for lighting stands and trailing cables, this system can not only increase your shooting space but improve studio safety by reducing the risk of injury or damage to you, your customers and your valuable equipment



This Rail System is a modular overhead lighting suspension system which can be expanded or modified to your requirements. It provides precise positioning of lights with ease and speed, eliminating the clutter of light stands and power cables on the floor. The systems utilize a combination of rails, carriages, telescopic posts, and manual spring/cable assisted pantographs.

Pantograph Rail System 3x Pano kit