Capture your fine lab work in the Cube 



1x 40cm soft light tent
4x high quality background
2x 50w table light
1x camera stand
1x carrying case


Portable Soft Light Tent:
40cm x 40cm x 40cm size,approximately 16" x 16" x 16"
100% pure white high-duty nylon fabric square tent avoids reflections for clean and color-consistent images.
Translucent fabric gently diffuse the light from your light sources to prevent shadows.
Built-in velcros to lock three side boards easily to store.
Built-in pockets for light and accessories. Everything is ready to go with you!
Setup in seconds and fold up for convenient storage and travel.

50w Haloid lamp equal to 200 watts regular bulb.UL listed for your safety.
Color temperature is 3200k,most perfect color temperature for photo taking.
Unique blue film on the glass is excellent to prevent  color aberration.
Easy-to-grasp body allows for hand held using.
Suppressible steel legs are unfolded for table top using.
10" height with 5.6 feet power cord.

Camera Stand:
High quality aluminum and steel frame.
Suitable for table top shooting.

Size: 31" L x 16" W.
Non reflective high quality cotton.
4 different colors: Black,White Red and Blue for best result.
Velcro design allows you to change the background easily and quickly.
Suitable for different objects photography by changing the background in seconds.
Provide better contrast solution for all objects.

Studio Macro Cube