Good power output and qulaity unit for any practice. 


Package Included:


  • 2x Godox DE300 Studio Flash 220V
  • 2 x Lamp cover
  • 2x Power cord
  • 2x Modeling lamp
  • 1 x GODOX Transmitter FT-16
  • 2 x GODOX Receiver FT-16
  • 2 x SN-304 2m Light Stand
  • 2 x Bowens mount Godox 60*90cm softbox​


Digital LED Display, Cooling Fan System
Bowens - style mount adds various studio flash accessories.
Very convenient to use remote trigger to control the flash.
Ideal for e-commerce product shooting, headshots and lifestyle photography.
In large studio shooting, it can works as high light, background light or hair light.

Quickly installs various light modifiers such as softbox
Wireless power control and flash triggering system
High output 150W modeling lamp adjustable in brightness
1.2s recycle time at full power & 1/2000s flash duration
Power adjust from 5.0-7.0 (1/16-1/1) with stable color temp.




Output : 300W
Modeling lamp : 150W
Output adjustment : Stepless
Color temperature : 5600K±200K
Guide number : 58 ( ISO100 full power )
Recycle time : 0.3 - 1.5s
Sound alert : On / Off
Cooling Fan : Yes
Trigger Mode : Test button ; Sync cord ; Flash trigger ; Slave
Voltage : AC200~240V / 50Hz
Bowens Mount


GODOX 16-Channels FT-16 Flash Trigger:


This GODOX 16-Channels FT-16 Flash Trigger supports flash grouping and remote flash power control. With sensitive reactions and stable signal transmission, it applies to flashes with the wireless control port, such as, Godox AD180 flash, Godox QT series and Gemini GT & GS series studio flashes, as well as specific camera flashes. It is also compatible with Godox Cells series Transceiver.

* Wireless control
Setting flash power on/off, power level, modeling light on/off, buzzer on/off, and flash triggering

* Remote power adjustment
Each flashgroup can be set to 16 different power levels

* Flash grouping
Firing at most 16 group of flashes for creative photography

* One-for-Multiple
Flexible combinations of one transmitter and multiple receivers

* LCD display & Metal Contact



Transmit power supply

3V(2*AA batteries)

Receiver power supply

5V(powered by flashes)

Transmit frequency

433MHz wireless remote system

Workable distance

50m/164ft(open areas)

Control on flashes

Flash output power
Modeling light on/off
Buzzer on/off
Flash triggering

Max sync speed





Using Guide:

-Insert the receiver into the wireless control port of flash.
-Attach the transmitter onto your camera's hot shoe.
-Set the channels of transmitter and receiver to the same. Turn on the power switch and make settings for different groups.



Wireless Studio Kit