Yirro-plus Self Cleaning  Premium system


No more stopping to clean and repostion under the most demanding situations including microscopic work. 


Yirro-plus premium system features an automatic On/Off switch, with an optional foot switch for switching air flow in between treatments.

Yirro-plus premium start set comes with:

  • 4 handles
  • 4 mirror heads
  • 1 cleaning box
  • 4 no-spot autoclave caps
  • docking station with air regulation
  • connection supply for air and power



  • But my Assistant can apply air to my existing mirror ?    This is true but most multi syringes have water in the lines not spraying air imediately.  The attention of your assitant  can be placed on your patient rather than chasing the mirror and having another element to manage.  
  • The Mirror is small ?  The shape is two fold. Firstly to allow the dynamics of the air to remove in a clean vector of all debris.   Secondly the mirror is the same length as a standard round mirror but the sides are removed to obtain greater postioning deep in the posterior teeth.   
  • How well does it work under Loupes and Microscope ?   When magnified mirrors can become impossible to work with whilst even the smallest droplets are present.  The Yirro is your Hero !   It is the only consitent, adjustable and superior alternative. 
  • It looks heavy and awkward.  With the weight of less than a ball point pen and a felxible silicon feed tube, it will become second nature and hard to live without. 



Yirro-plus premium Self Cleaning Mirror - features an automatic On/Off